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    Accessible education even in the remotest places

    Encouraging children to dare to dream

    Making the voices of young people heard

    Providing security for families fleeing war

    Helping youth leave criminal life behind


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    Quality education Ethiopia
    Nathan Damtew alumni

    Yenetta Code

    Building a strong and inclusive tech society in Ethiopia by teaching children how to code

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    Decent work and economic growth Ethiopia
    Rahel Hiruy alumni


    Cultivating essential oils, spices and herbs and ensuring the employment of female farmers

    Quality education Ethiopia
    Biruktawit Tigabu alumni

    Whiz Kids Workshop

    Improving the lives of Ethiopian children and youth through cost-effective, age-appropriate and culturally relevant educational media

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    Quality education Ethiopia
    Tsion Kiros alumni

    Midako Publishing

    Producing culturally relevant and inspiring stories that foster creativity, critical thinking and above all love of reading in children.

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    Good health and well-being Ethiopia
    Daniel Tadesse alumni

    Eagle Social

    Spreading awareness, promoting well-being and providing counseling support to victims of child abuse.

    Climate action Ethiopia
    Milion Gezahegn alumni

    MG Greenovations PLC

    Providing innovative solutions that enable to sustainably grow diverse varieties of food items with up to 80% less water, space, workload and cost.

    No hunger Ethiopia
    Eskender Mulugeta alumni

    Food Secured Schools Africa (FSSA)

    Training kids and youth to start up vegetable gardening in small areas to compliment the nutritional needs.

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    Quality education Ethiopia
    Genet Beyene alumni

    Ledeg Crafts

    Giving crafts training for students aged between 4 and 12 to bring a positive learning outcome.

    Industry, innovation and infrastructure Ethiopia
    Getachew Gebrehiwet alumni

    Getachew and Yibralem patented products

    Creating aiding tools that could ease the day-to-day activities of person with disability, elderly people and pregnant women.

    Quality education Ethiopia
    Rahel Tsegaye alumni

    Fidel Tiru

    Providing children’s educational materials in a unique and attractive way for children from 2-7 years of age.

    Good health and well-being Ethiopia
    Hamere Mulugeta alumni

    Nu Chika Enabuka

    Creating a journey for children and their families in search of the Ethiopian identity that has been concealed through time.

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    Reduced inequalities Ethiopia
    Hiwet Mamo alumni

    Hiwet Music

    Using music to educate children from both affluent and underprivileged communities in Ethiopia with focus from 0 -10 years of age.

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