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    Ethiopia has a great opportunity to solve issues impacting children and youth. Yet, despite the enthusiasm and capabilities of social entrepreneurs eager to make a difference, they often lack the necessary support to expand their impact.

    Our mission is to close this support gap and empower promising social entrepreneurs to grow more rapidly, efficiently, and with reduced risk of failure. We offer tailored development programs that cater to specific stages of growth. Through our initiatives, social entrepreneurs receive comprehensive support, including capacity-building, networking opportunities, and access to funding, all achieved through collaborative partnerships across various sectors.

    Our team

    Addis Ababa

    Dawit Tilahun

    Acting Country Manager

    Addis Ababa

    Elsabeth Tsegaye

    Program Manager

    Addis Ababa

    Gebrie Mengistie

    Impact Officer

    Addis Ababa

    Bizunesh Gelaw

    Head of Impact

    Addis Ababa

    Tewodros Endale

    Finance & Admin Manager

    Addis Ababa

    Enkutatash Dereje

    Cashier Accountant

    Addis Ababa

    Yonatan Eyassu

    Program Assistant

    Addis Ababa

    Dibora Solomon

    Admin and Finance Assistant

    Addis Ababa

    Tewodros Sinkineh


    Addis Ababa

    Genet Anisa

    Office Attendant

    Current partners in Ethiopia


    Do you want to be our “Partner for Change” in Ethiopia?

    We are always available at [email protected]

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    Visit us at the 6th Floor, Ten Sister NGOs Building, Gurd Shola | Addis Ababa 

    Email: [email protected] 

    Phone number: +251 118 222 212 / +251 929 107 877