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    The Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship

    The Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship is a 3-year catalytic acceleration program designed to bridge the education gap for underserved young people in Ethiopia. Reach for Change, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, will support the scaling of three cohorts, each comprising 12 EdTech enterprises, specifically targeting initiatives that enhance inclusive learning in Ethiopia. This support will be provided through coaching, funding, networking, and post-acceleration support for two years. Additionally, we will focus on cultivating cross-sector collaborations and enhancing Ethiopia's national ecosystem and policy for EdTech products and solutions.


    Unleashing the power of technology for education

    Inclusive education for all children in Ethiopia

    In Ethiopia, access to quality education remains a challenge for many. Technology has the power to revolutionize education and provide access to quality education for all children, regardless of their background or circumstances. Local EdTech entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to develop inclusive education solutions by building on existing technologies and adapting them to the needs of the Ethiopian educational sector. EdTech Fellows will be selected for their potential to address the diverse needs of underserved communities.


    Highlights from the Kick-Off Event


    First Cohort 2024

    Whiz Kids

    Tirhas Haile

    Tsehai for Families (T4F) program supports holistic child development through online courses, TV/radio shows, and community outreach.

    Qalam Education Platform

    Abdikarim Ahmed Siraad & Omar Abdi Aden

    The platform is transforming education in Ethiopia by tackling the high failure rates among Grade 12 students. The platform offers personalized online learning with tailored video lectures, quizzes, and study materials.

    Dynamo Center for Technology

    Ahmed Jafar & Samuel Teshome

    The center provides personalized online educational tools and solutions, reaching students in urban and rural areas with high-quality resources to bridge the educational gap.

    Muya Space

    Hiwot Zelalem

    Muya Space provides TVET services for children, youth, and marginalised communities in Ethiopia. They offer an interactive online platform connecting learners with skilled artisans through video tutorials and live chat.

    Softnet Solutions TM

    Eskinder Birhanu & Eyoas Adefris

    The company aims to improve Ethiopian schools through their Pi School System, focusing on reducing manual tasks to enhance education, especially for students with special needs.

    Fidel Tutorial

    Betelehem Alemu & Daniel Degemu Abza

    The initiative provides personalised tutoring for all grades, both in-person and online. They focus on core subjects and national exams, using pre-assessments, online progress tracking, and a skilled team of tutors.

    Ahaz Platform PLC

    Asmelash Girmay Mesele & Teklay Gereziher Gebregergis

    The platform is committed to achieving educational equity through its main project, Ahazawi: a digital learning platform designed to overcome barriers to entry and improve access and teaching consistency.

    Globe Dock

    Kirubel Girma & Barkot Eshetu

    The company uses digital content, AI-powered learning, and data insights to provide personalized education. Their platform offers interactive tools and tailors learning experiences, empowering students to contribute to societal progress.

    Koderlab Training Centre

    Hermela Fikre

    The centre addresses limited access to IT education in Ethiopia. They offer software and hardware training, online classes, and workshops to empower students with essential digital skills.


    Miskir Adane

    The organization is bridging the skills gap in Ethiopia through a personalised curriculum, custom courses, and a user-friendly SaaS learning platform accessible online and offline, accommodating language and cultural differences.

    Kuraz Tech

    Bisrategebriel Fisseha & Biruk Mamo

    The organization is addressing unequal access and outdated methods in Ethiopian education with a comprehensive suite of EdTech platforms prioritizing affordability, accessibility, personalization, and inclusive support.

    Enechawet Games PLC

    Bilisuma Getachew & Abiy Hailu

    The company is creating interactive AR educational books and a user-friendly mobile app for children aged 4 to 12 in Ethiopia.


    Selection Criteria 


    Applicants must be growth-stage oganisations, incorporated in Ethiopia, (co-)owned by an entrepreneur of Ethiopian nationality. A variety of legal forms will be considered: from non-profits to profitable companies. 


    The entrepreneur must offer a new tech-based educational solution. It must have been implemented with the primary target group and running for at least 2 years. The organisation must be able to demonstrate the potential for impact by presenting results.

    The entrepreneur must have an ambition to scale the solution to a significant share of the target group, and should have identified a potential way to do it. We are keen to support solutions that have the potential to reach 8,000 direct learners within one year of program participation. 

    Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are currently able to generate revenue and that they are committed to and on track to identify a sustainable business model, that will permit them to dedicate resources to pursue impact scaling.

    Applying organizations must have a diverse team that understands the local context to influence policy and systems change. A clear project owner who will be responsible for the scaling of the solution and will take part in all activities in the program is required.

    The Award Fund

    Coaching and investor advisory from key industry experts
    Group-based peer learning sessions with fellow EdTech entrepreneurs
    Access to science of learning courses from Carnegie Mellon University
    Visibility for your work through impactful storytelling
    Equity-free funding of USD 60,000 for each entreprise

    Useful Information


    If you have any questions, please contact Abel Geberemeskel, Program Officer, at: [email protected]

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