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    The project "Building Waste and Circular Enterprises in Ethiopia" is a three-year program consisting of two main components: the Green Business Incubator and the Green Innovation Lab. The program aims to develop an ecosystem that can support the growth of waste management and circular enterprises. Each component has specific focus areas and delivery approaches.
    The Program Benefits

    The incubator is a 12-month cohort-based incubator focused on capacity development delivered through practical hands-on training, individual coaching, and connections to a network of peers, relevant experts, and potential partners. 

    We are looking for

    The eligible proof-of-concept stage enterprise for the Green Business Incubator should meet the following criteria:

    Innovative waste management and circular economy solution addressing a substantial market opportunity in Addis Ababa, with potential to create decent jobs for Ethiopian youth and women.

    Has a proven Minimum Viable Product (MVP) designed and tested to enhance the waste management ecosystem, solve youth unemployment in Addis Ababa and create sustainable livelihoods and resilient communities. 

    Has the potential to reach more than 8,000 users, particularly women, youth and children within 12 months of the program and could be replicated in any city beyond Addis Ababa.

    Has the potential to be financially sustainable with long-term commercial growth and social impact.

    Led by a diverse team that understands the local context to influence policy and systems change. We are excited to support inspiring female founders.

    Key dates

    People behind change


    Useful information

    To download in the .doc format, fill in manually and send by post.

    To download in the .doc format, fill in manually and send by post.

    Have any questions? 

    Feel free to contact us with any questions and inquiries: write us an email or a message on our Facebook page or call us for further information: +251 929107877. 

    If you are not able to download the .doc version/s of the application, please write us an email or give us a call and we will send it to you. 


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