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    About the project

    The project "Building Waste and Circular Enterprises in Ethiopia" is a 3-year catalytic innovation and green business incubation program in partnership with the IKEA Foundation within the nationwide program “Ethiopia’s Green Future” that focuses on facilitating a just transition and youth employment through green entrepreneurship.
    The program consists of two main components: the Green Business Incubator and the Green Innovation Lab, and aims to develop an ecosystem that can support the growth of waste management and circular enterprises. Each component has specific focus areas and delivery approaches.

    Through the partnership with the IKEA Foundation, we aim to: 

    1. Support 75 entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to modernize and enhance waste management and Ethiopia’s circular economy over five (5) cohorts through the Green Innovation Lab to develop and validate their minimum viable products (MVPs). 

    2. Support a total of 30 waste management and circular enterprises over three (3) cohorts to develop sustainable business models and improved business processes and practices for optimum revenue generation and business growth through the Green Business Incubator.


    Project Components

    Developing sustainable business models and improved business processes

    Green Business Incubator

    The incubator is a program that runs for 12 months and is designed to develop the capacity of 30 waste and circular enterprises split into 3 cohorts. The program focuses on providing practical hands-on training, individual coaching, and connections to a network of peers, relevant experts, and potential partners to help these enterprises grow.

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    Developing, testing and validating Minimum Viable Products

    Green Innovation Lab

    Over three years we will be overseeing the delivery of five Green Innovation Labs, targeting a total of 75 entrepreneurs working within waste management and circular economy. The Innovation Labs will be run in parallel, with 3 cohorts in the first phase, and 2 cohorts in the second, with 15 participants in each cohort.

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    People behind change


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    Feel free to contact us with any questions and inquiries: write us an email or a message on our Facebook page or call us for further information: +251 929107877. 



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